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Incredible India

Why travel India?

India has something for everyone, irrespective of your personality, outlook, or which part of the world you are from. It will surprise you, influence you and perhaps even change your life as it has done for many like Mark Zuckerberg, Russel Brand, and Steve Jobs!

Weather, cultures, religion, languages, natural landscapes, and the people here will give you an experience of a lifetime. It is impossible to explore India in one trip and most likely, you will keep coming back if you experience it right.


Challenges of Indian Travelers


Unlike the West, a lot of travel information in India is unorganized and can only be accessed via local sources.


While being typically safe, it's important to know areas to avoid, what times to travel in, and navigating polluted and unhygienic areas.


Being a country with lots of diversity, planning an end-to-end Indian itinerary while keeping your preferences in mind can be tricky!

Culture and language

While you'll get away with English in most mainstream places, language can prove a barrier in offbeat places and even in getting the best prices!


Booking the right accommodation, transit options, and experiences can be difficult. Moreover, not all bookings happen online so you need local ways.

Costs and Convenience

For all these reasons getting the best Indian experience within your budget, can be difficult without spending a lot of effort.


What Stych Members get

  • Essential travel information to experience Indian cities, towns, and community-curated places of interest.

  • Information about various Activities and Trails according to their interests, vetted by the local community.

  • Direct access to travel service providers (lodging, commuting, foreign exchange, etc) in each region.

  • Access to partners offering Short-stays and Luggage-drop services.

  • Personalized travel & shopping recommendations.

  • Travel Itinerary creation services based on interests & preferences.

  • Access to a community of people traveling India.

  • Dedicated support to your queries during and before your Indian travel.


What do Stych members say

💜 This trek was really awesome!
~ Nikhil

💜 Thanks Stych for providing this platform to meet people with similar interests and suggesting us MTR.

💜 It was nice meeting all of you through this trip! Thanks Stych!

💜 Thank you guys for the Bangalore memories!
~ Keith

💜 Cubbon Park was fun. Close proximity to the metro station made the commute very easy. It is a very energetic place.
~ Jaspreet

💜 And of course, there are more!

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